A place called Manenberg

(with Karen Waltorp) 2005—2019

Since 2005, Karen Waltorp and Christian Vium have been conducting 18 months of recurrent ethnographic fieldwork, photographing and filming in Manenberg, a ’coloured’ township of approximately 70,000 people situated outside Cape Town, in  the Cape Flats: an immense complex of ghettos, entirely constructed by the apartheid architects in the 1960's, as part of the politics of racial segregation. 

’A Place Called Manenberg’ is a long-term documentary project about the coloured township Manenberg on the margins of post-apartheid South African society. Through a collaborative approach, the project integrates multiple components ranging from documentary photography and film, archive material, the inhabitants own photographs and diaries, drawings, family photos and poems, to visual mappings, cartographic representations, newspaper clippings, scientific articles presented in a book publication, an itinerant exhibition, two feature documentary films (2010+2019) and a dedicated website aggregating all these and rendering the project available to a wide audience. The entire project will be launched in the autumn 2019, coinciding with the 25-year anniversary of the dismantlement of apartheid rule.